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The Edenfield site c.1958. The three gables are the old Hornsea Brick & Tile Works, the foreman’s and manager’s houses to the left.

In 1954, the Pottery moved to the site of the old Hornsea Brick & Tile Works, where Wade and Cherry’s famous acorn tiles had been made.

During the Second World War, its large workshop had been used as a pig rearing unit, but after this it became neglected for some years.

Much cleaning out and restoration was therefore necessary before the move could take place!

Nursery Rhymes gift setThe demand for Hornsea Pottery was variable at this time, but some progress was being made in the sales of vases, posy troughs, dishes and ashtrays, many decorated with cartoon animals in the Disney style. They employed the designer Marion Campbell working from home for a short time and it was she who was responsible for the much sought-after black animals, cats and large dogs.

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